Fiction editorial and text feedback

We also offer editing for belletristic texts. No matter if you are a story, novel, novella, fairy tale, short story … and no matter if you are an experienced author or if you want to send a text into the world for the first time: We read your text impartially, with expertise, curiosity and Patience.

How we can assist you when writing a book

Publishing a book is a big challenge, especially if you’re tackling the project on your own, following the path of self-publishing. We support you along this path in all phases until publication.


When we get your text, we’ll read it first and a little bit across to see if we’re the right person – after all, you’re investing money and we’re spending time. If the text fits in with our priorities and if it makes sense for us to engage more intensively with him, we will gladly submit an offer. You can get an initial estimate of your manuscript from us and a copy editing including text feedback. In addition, we offer a final proofreading for anyone who chooses a two-step correction process.

If you are interested in a review including text feedback, we are also happy to do a non-binding proofreading.

Initial assessment of your manuscript

In the course of the initial assessment, we read your manuscript, but do not intervene in the text and make no comments. The assessment is in the form of a longer text (Word file or e-mail).

A first estimate is right for you, if you for example

simply would like to have a second opinion on your text.

to find out if a publication is worthwhile.

want to know if your text satisfies literary demands.

Fiction editorial with text feedback

In a fiction editorial including text feedback, we work directly on your text, so we access the Word file. Of course we correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. In addition, we deal in detail with your style. So we make formulation suggestions in the text and give hints in the form of comments on the edge.

In these comments, we not only focus on your spelling, but also give you feedback on individual sentences or passages. We note discrepancies and tell you what has happened.

In the end you get

a file where you can see all the corrections and comments

a file in which the corrections are already accepted by Word and only the comment bubbles are visible, and

a feedback in the form of a longer text with an overall assessment of your manuscript.

Final proofreading

Depending on the amount of corrections and the annotations we made during the review process, it may make sense to read the text one more time after you’ve incorporated all the clues. A two-stage proofreading always pays off when it comes to a literary text that should be published (see also the blog article Not always the editor is responsible!).

What we go into in the assessment or a textual feedback

For questions like these, you can get an answer from us when we read your text:

Tell Item

Do the narrative object and the selected text type match?

Is the narrative subject of interest to readers?

For which readership in particular? Are you as author or author aware of it?

Which audience would you like to reach? What audience did you have in mind when writing?

Plot or action framework

Is the structure comprehensible?

Is the chosen classification (in chapters, sections, etc.) suitable? Is it strictly adhered to?

Do the sections have enough space?

narrative perspective

Are the chosen narrative behavior (authorial or personal) as well as the narrative form (first-person narrator / narrator / narrator) appropriate to the narrative subject?

Are they consistently adhered to?

Character designer

Are the individual figures adequately introduced and adequately characterized?

Do you have the chance to develop?

Do they get enough space according to their importance?

How does the ensemble of figures work in general?

Dealing with time and place

Is the location or locations of the plot adequately described? Can readers follow well there?

Fits the chosen time form or fit the chosen tenses?

Will / will they be respected or will tempo changes be sufficiently motivated?

Will the narrative object be rolled up chronologically?

Are time jumps traceable?

If the action takes place on different time levels, are these marked sufficiently? So can the readers easily find their way around?

Linguistic means

How is it told?

How are the sentences built?

What is the wording?

If you tell pictures richly, are the pictures precisely described, are they consistent?

What else do we care about …

As a writer or author in your text, how did you generally deal with the individual analysis categories – rather playful, free and open or rather strict and regular? Does that correspond to the narrative object?

How did you, as author or author, work with tension and relaxation?

How does the text read overall? Is he “in the river”?

How can he be optimized?

Of course, what points we actually go into depends on your text. Not every text has all the relevant points.


The workload for the initial assessment is calculated on the basis of hours. One working hour costs 60 $ net or 72 $ gross.

In the further work steps, we calculate on the basis of standard pages, where a standard page corresponds to 1,500 characters including spaces.

Fiction editorial including text feedback: from 7 $ net or 8.40 $ gross per 1,500 characters including spaces

final proofreading: from 4,50 $ net or 5,40 $ gross per 1,500 characters including spaces

For larger orders I ask for a down payment of fifty percent of the fee. Of course you will get your own bill.

You are interested in an evaluation of your text or a copy-editing including text feedback? Then contact us!

We are happy to prepare a non-binding offer for you.