Proofreading of the doctoral thesis or dissertation

Here you are right, if you are looking for a high-quality copy editing for your university work!

Are you currently thinking about having your dissertation or doctoral thesis reviewed by a professional? Since you are quite right with us! We specialize in science lectures and ensure that you submit a linguistically sound dissertation or doctoral thesis and / or publish. You will see: the proofreading pays off!

Correction: proofreading versus proofreading

What we can do for you and your doctoral thesis

As part of the editing we correct spelling, grammar and punctuation and gently smooth stylistic bumps. We also pay attention to uniform writing and citation methods and compare the table of contents with the headings in your doctoral thesis or dissertation. Anything else we notice, we note in comments on the edge.

Sometimes it happens that a thesis is excellently formulated and no stylistic corrections are necessary. We will gladly advise you or always openly address it, if in our opinion a proofreading is sufficient.

Which is not part of the editing

It is important to us that you know what we can do for you, but also what is not part of the editing process. First of all, you as the author or author are solely responsible for the content. Only you have the expertise to prepare the content professionally or methodically correct. Moreover, it is important to us to distinguish ourselves clearly from ghostwriting agencies. Academic ghostwriting is taboo for us. Finally, we do not do any plagiarism. Our expertise lies in the field of proofreading. Here we have years of experience and can provide you with optimal care.

Our technical focus

We proofread German-language doctoral theses and dissertations from different subject areas – provided we are familiar with the terminology, so you can follow it in your mind. We routinely read theses from the humanities, psychology and social sciences and economics.

In some cases, we also proofread legal or technical work (especially in the field of architecture). If in doubt, just contact us, send us your doctoral thesis or dissertation and we will look at whether you are in good hands with us. If not, we will let you know and let us know if we can recommend someone from our network.

Wordfile or PDF?

It makes the most sense to have your thesis reviewed in Word. You do not have to work through every single correction like in a PDF. When proofreading in Word, you can track corrections in Review mode and decide each time you decide whether to accept or reject them. That’s the ideal way of working.

But there may be reasons why it is not possible for you. Therefore, you will receive from us a second file with already incorporated corrections. In the you only see the comments, the corrections are already accepted by the program.

A doctoral thesis needs a certain touch. Content by the care and formally by a professional proofreading or editing. Finding a good proofreading or editing is not easy. After a long search, I came across the writing workshop and Huberta Weigl. The professional appearance and the fact that I could see a face to the company here attracted positive attention. In addition, the team of Mrs. Weigl has a lot of experience with the proofreading and editing of dissertations. Everything went according to your wishes. The corrections were clear, comprehensible and to-the-point. Highly recommended, definitely!

Doctoral student (Architecture) of the Vienna University of Technology

The right time for your request

It’s best to catch up on the cost of proofreading when you’re done, when you’ll finish your PhD, or when it’s finished.

The cost estimate for the editing of your doctoral thesis

In order to make an offer, we need at least please

the title of the work,

Table of Contents,

a longer text sample than Wordfile and

the number of characters including spaces.

Of course, the whole work as a Word file is better than a text sample because it gives us a much more accurate picture of your doctoral thesis. Also, please tell us by when your work should be proofread so that we can see how we accommodate you in time.

Time and costs

Doctoral theses usually have a volume of 250 or more manuscript pages, according to experience, that’s about 350 standard pages – not infrequently more. An editing is namely calculated according to standard pages and settled, more about it.

Both time and cost depend on the extent of your work and quality. The more pages your doctoral thesis or dissertation has and the greater the correction effort per page, the longer we will naturally need and the higher the fee, of course.

How long does the editing of a doctoral thesis or dissertation take?

As a rule, we need at least three weeks for the editing of a doctoral thesis, and often much more. We read your text very carefully at least twice. In between, we like to let him lie a bit, because that is good for the quality – and that counts for us. After the editing you should at least take a week, in which you review the corrections and incorporate any hints from us. Please plan this so that you do not get under time pressure.

How much does the editing of a doctoral thesis cost?

You should expect a minimum price of 5 $ net or 6 $ gross per 1,500 characters including spaces. Depending on the correction effort, the price can also be significantly higher. In rare cases, the proofreading is also cheaper, and then if a Korrektorat sufficient.

Request an offer for a copy of the doctoral thesis:

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