Proofreading of your master thesis

Find out here, if you want to proofread your master thesis or diploma thesis!

Students who want to have their master thesis or diploma thesis proofread or proofreaded are faced with a plethora of questions. This is mainly because most of them have never commissioned proofreading or proofreading. In order to understand in detail how editing or proofreading works and what it costs to have your work read professionally, I made two videos.

In the two videos, I answer the following questions:

  • Do I have to have my master thesis or diploma thesis proofread?
  • Is a proofreading allowed?
  • How do I find a good editor?
  • How much does a lecture for a master thesis cost?
  • What is the difference between a proofreading and a proofreading?
  • How long does a lecture take?
  • How is an editing done?

Proofreading of a master thesis, diploma thesis or bachelor thesis or dissertation

What students say for editing

Here’s an example of some feedback I just got from a student (she asked me to do it anonymously). Feedback from me and my team is a great pleasure for us as it shows that our commitment is valued.

Dear Mrs. Weigl,

After a week of revision, I finally sent away the Master’s thesis today. I sat face-to-face with my work all the time because I found the nature of the suggestions to be unimaginably helpful and far beyond what was expected. I really appreciate your work!

It has reconciled me to my bad censorship of the bachelor thesis because I now know what else would have been possible. Your work was worth every dollar paid and maybe there is another argument for your further acquisition: I did not receive help from anyone during my studies, a man who has to work a lot and primary school children at home.

You should simply call for help if you really need it and the double burden no longer grabs. This includes the proofreading of people who understand that well. At some point, one’s own spelling errors are no longer seen, especially when the children start to throw Lego around them. No matter what the grade is, I have given everything thanks to your help!

Request a copy of the master thesis or diploma thesis

My two lecturers specialize in science lectures and professionals. With us you are correct, if you are interested in a high-quality copy-editing. Please calculate with a minimum price of 5 $ net or 6 $ gross per 1,500 characters including spaces (note: manuscript pages usually contain more characters). Depending on the correction effort, the price can also be significantly higher.

Unlike other providers, we do not read your work, but at least twice. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality that is close to our hearts and that I can be satisfied with.

Please send me the text as a Word file with your request and let me know until when the master thesis should be proofread.

To request a non-binding offer via e-mail, please click on the green button below. By submitting your message, you agree that we use your data for advice and / or quotation and, if necessary, for order processing and accounting. You can revoke this consent at any time via e-mail, letter or telephone.